Our Vineyard Tales

All Hands on Deck

We are a family run vineyard and that means everyone gets on board at harvest time. When the grapes are ripe they wait for no one. Harvest is hard work but it can be rewarding when you see the final result of all that hard work and yakka. 

working in the vines - Georiga

Our gorgeous Georgie seen here comes and helps us out in between her university course in Melbourne. All of the kids have some role or help in some way with our vineyard and whilst it can be a bit of a chore somedays, we can then all get to share in the vineyards rich rewards.

xx Michelle

harvest day 2018

We had the big toys out today.

There is nothing better than seeing the grapes starting to get picked, and there is nothing better than seeing a machine doing it for you! 

Can’t wait to see what our yield is and getting to taste the final product. 

xx Michelle

cellar door outdoor view

Tasting time!

We have made some progress on the Cellar Door with the outdoor area gaining some shade and new furniture. Like everything on a working vineyard / farm it can take time, there always seems to be something to do.  xx Michelle 


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